Watercraft Insurance

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance provides a specialized coverage for your boats and other watercrafts on - and off - the water. 

What does your boat mean to you? Whether it’s relaxing and unwinding out on the water or making fun family memories to treasure forever, your boat deserves protection. 

Watercraft insurance, commonly referred to as boat insurance, is the best way to protect your investment, your favorite vessel, and the people who use it. 

What Boat Insurance Covers

Some homeowners insurance policies may provide a limited amount of coverage for certain, smaller boats in very specific situations. Boat and watercraft insurance fills in the many holes left in your homeowner’s policy, offering coverage for:

  • Your boat: Protect your vessel and machinery (such as outboard motors) from collision damage and non-collision damage. 
  • Liability: Protect yourself from lawsuits if someone is injured on your boat, or if you’re responsible for damage to someone else’s boat. 
  • Medical payments: Protect your assets if an accident leads to high medical costs above what your health insurance will cover.
  • Personal belongings: Protect your outdoor gear, wetsuits, radios, underwater cameras, and other boating/ watercraft equipment that you value.

The amount of boat insurance or watercraft insurance you may need can depend on a number of factors, including the type of boat or craft you own. We can offer coverage custom tailored for your needs, no matter what type of watercraft you enjoy:

  • Jet skis
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing boats
  • Cabin cruisers
  • Pontoons
  • House boats

Don’t let a perfect day on the water be ruined by an unexpected event. Protect your vessel, your personal assets, and your passengers with the right watercraft insurance, and you’ll be smooth sailing from here on out.

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