Key Man Insurance

Your business protects itself from many unexpected events with the right insurance policies, but is your business prepared in the event something happened to you? Many times, the loss of a business owner or other essential person can mean the end of the business itself. Key man insurance offers a solution that can help your business survive if something happens to you.

Key Man Insurance

Key man insurance is a life insurance policy where a business purchases the policy on a key person, pays the premiums, and receives the benefits in the event of that person’s death. Key man insurance ensures that a business can survive the blow of the loss of an owner or other essential person.

Who is essential to your business? Most businesses consider themselves very dependent on one or two individuals. Key man insurance assures that your business can pay off debts, vendors, distribute funds to investors, and keep your business operational until a suitable replacement is found and brought up to speed.

Key man insurance can reinforce the strength of your existing business insurance policies by providing a solution for the truly unexpected - the death or disability of the person who the business couldn’t survive without.

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